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Muay Thai Gyms – France

Thailand has a culture that is rich in heritage which up until recently many knew not of, that was until the introduction of one of the Thai cultures defining features, Muay Thai into the rest of the

Training Muay Thai in Thailand

For those dedicated to their Muay Thai training, some may choose to travel to Thailand and train in an authentic Muay Thai environment. Thailand is the birth place of Muay Thai and there are several different Muay

How to Wrap Your Hands for Muay Thai

Wrapping your hands in preparation for a Muay Thai fight or workout is important for several reasons that include, the protection of your hands and wrists, along with higher accuracy and increased power. The first step in

Muay Thai Gyms – United Kingdom

Muay Thai is incredibly popular throughout both the Western and the Eastern world but one of the most Western countries that has adopted Muay Thai as one of its favourite sports to learn and one that has

Suitable Muay Thai Supplements

Suitable Muay Thai Supplements Supplements are an easy way to provide your body with the enhanced nutrition it needs, wholesomely and efficiently throughout your Muay Thai fighting career. Whilst many Muay Thai fighters use a variety of

Pain Relief for Muay Thai Fighters

Pain Relief for Muay Thai Fighters Since Muay Thai is a physical contact sport that not only requires a dedicated level of commitment, peak physical fitness and continuous training, Muay Thai also requires a level of pain

Mind Training in Muay Thai

Whilst maintaining a peak level of physical fitness is one of the most important aspects of a Muay Thai fighters training, it is also important that Muay Thai fighters focus on the training aspect of their mind

Muay Boran Martial Arts of Thailand

Muay Boran is a term used for the un-named Martial Arts of Thailand before the introduction of modern equipment, timing and rules in the eras of the late Kings of Thailand. Muay Boran simply stands for all

Muay Thai Gyms – Canada

Whilst Canada is often thought of a city that sleeps beneath snow during its winter months, Canada is also a country that has become quite the Muay Thai enthusiasts throughout its digital age. As more and more

Body Building Throughout Muay Thai Training

Muay Thai, like many other Mixed Martial Arts, is a physically demanding Martial Art that requires peak fitness, physical training and mental training in order to cope effectively with the mental and physical endurance presented during training,