Body Building Throughout Muay Thai Training

Muay Thai, like many other Mixed Martial Arts, is a physically demanding Martial Art that requires peak fitness, physical training and mental training in order to cope effectively with the mental and physical endurance presented during training, workouts and Muay Thai fights. As with any other sport, Muay Thai fighters are competitors and as such, there is a heavy focus on body conditioning and maintaining a state of peak physical fitness.

Muay Thai is a close contact Mixed Martial Art that involves a lot of techniques that utilize every single part of your body for maximum effect defence and offence which is why body building and muscle strengthening plays such a key role in successful Muay Thai training.

Body building isn’t only used throughout Muay Thai but also nearly every other physical contact sport in the world and building muscle strength is elementary in succeeding in any physical contact sport or Martial Art, including Muay Thai.


Body building can range from using vitamin supplements to ensure you’re getting everything you nutritionally need all the way through to maintaining training schedules covering a wide range of different exercises for body building in specific, direct areas. This wide range of body building is an essential element in Muay Thai in order to succeed to the best of your ability.

Muay Thai was originally designed as a way to utilize your entire body as a weapon during any close-combat situations. This origin has tailored the Muay Thai techniques to apply every single inch of your body during combat, meaning every inch of your body should be physically conditioned and trained to cope with techniques presented in Muay Thai training.

Muay Thai body building generally consists of three main elements, your arms, legs and shins. These three components are the main three to train, as when each one is physically fit and conditioned to maximum Muay Thai potential, each one will allow the other parts of your body to react to the quick techniques used during Muay Thai training and fights.

As previously mentioned, body building is available in a variety of ways, each different in its ability to strengthen your body. Whilst some body builders use supplements, many, and most Muay Thai fighters will simply train and eat well during their body building regime. Training is the key element in body building, and by enhancing your muscles and building your body up to its full potential, you will be fully equipped to cope with the physical endurance of Muay Thai.

 Unlike traditional body building which is designed to increase your muscle size and strength, Muay Thai body building focuses greatly on the muscle strength rather than size aspect of body building. Muay Thai is a fast paced sport which means that nimble, more lean, but strong, fighters cope better in the Muay Thai training regimes, techniques and fighting aspect of the Martial Art than large, heavy, muscular fighters that wouldn’t be as quick, or fast-acting as more nimble fighters.

Not only does Muay Thai body building consist of enhancing your muscular and physical strength, it is also important that parts of your body such as your shins and elbows are conditioned to withstand the impact of close combat fighting presented in Muay Thai. Muay Thai shin conditioning is designed to harden the bone through a process known as ‘Cortical Remodelling’ and fighters of Muay Thai will spend a lot of time hardening this bone through repeated impact from either a partner or heavy punching bags.

Several Muay Thai training techniques and a considerable amount of body building work will spent conditioning your shins and other hard parts of your body to withstand the impact from the techniques in Muay Thai, this conditioning and physical training will not only allow you to perform some of the Muay Thai techniques but also to become a better Muay Thai fighter.

There are several forms of pads for shin and elbow areas available throughout the large Muay Thai market today for practice and protection during training and conditioning of these body parts.

Since Muay Thai requires you to use nearly every muscle in your body in order to train and progress effectively in your Muay Thai journey, any body building regime will mainly consist of arm, leg and shin training. Muay Thai has techniques that primarily use punches, kicks, knees and elbows during workouts and fights and as such, this specific style of Martial Art requires peak physical fitness and body building of relevant areas in order to train sufficiently.

Body building and the way in which it is conducted will vary greatly depending on the environment you’re training in, your instructors way of teaching and your commitment level to your Muay Thai training. Dedicated Muay Thai fighters will change nearly every aspect of their lifestyle in order to body build effectively and take their Muay Thai training to its maximum potential, this lifestyle change can vary from stopping smoking, training more often and dedicating training to specific areas of your body and diet changes. Some modern Muay Thai fighters may body build with aid of vitamin supplements, however more traditional Muay Thai fighters would only rely on the equipment available and their own commitment in order to body build effectively.

Some of the key elements of the Muay Thai body building program include knowing which part of your body you are planning to train at the time, and what is the best suited equipment to use for each individual part of your body. The range of equipment used throughout body building for any sport, including Muay Thai, is vast and completely depends on whether you are focusing on arm training, leg training or core training. Not only does this vast range of training equipment offer an interesting and different range of ways to body build and enhance your own personal abilities, but it is also makes body building more efficient with intense training for each particular area directly and promptly as well.

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