Pain Relief for Muay Thai Fighters

Pain Relief for Muay Thai Fighters

Since Muay Thai is a physical contact sport that not only requires a dedicated level of commitment, peak physical fitness and continuous training, Muay Thai also requires a level of pain relief that can help with sore muscles, joints and stiffness. As a Muay Thai fighter of any professional or non-professional level, effective pain relief that isn’t detrimental to your ability or state of mind is an important factor in any training.


Pain is something that is to be accepted in any Muay Thai training due to the close-combat and close contact techniques used throughout training, workouts and fights which is why finding a pain relief remedy that is effective in the areas you need it, quickly and efficiently with no side effects of aftermath is one of the key ingredients to succeeding in any Muay Thai training.

Some of the most popular pain relief remedies available to Muay Thai fighters include a range of man-made boxing liniments and creams, all the way through to holistic ointments and techniques that can soothe sore muscles or aching joints. The type of pain relief that you choose to be most effective for you throughout your Muay Thai training is a personal decision reflecting how hard you train, how sore your own muscles are and how quickly you need relief from the soreness and stiffness that can come with any Muay Thai training.

As such, there is a wide variety of pain relief available to Muay Thai fighters, each ranging in price and use, making the choice of finding a suitable pain relief for you, somewhat of a difficult one.

Pain relief ointments, pills and remedies vary greatly between the areas of your body you are training to relieve, and whilst some pain relief remedies that can soothe sore arms or legs will work just as they’re supposed to, these same pain relief remedies may not be as useful on other parts of your body such as your back and shins. This variation makes it important to find suitable pain relief that is suited to the relevant parts of your body as efficiently as possible.


Whilst pain relief is just part of the package that comes with learning and fighting in Muay Thai, there are other factors to consider when choosing a pain relief that is suited to you. Some Muay Thai fighters will rely solely on creams and ointments to help soothe their muscle and joint pain, whilst others may take pain relief tablets containing anti-inflammatory properties. It is always the fighters decision when choosing to take a pain relief and subsequently deal with the side effects of that pain relief later, making the right pain relief choice one that has to be suited to the individual fighters needs and extent of the pain.

As many Muay Thai fighters will realise, its not only the aftermath of training pain that requires attention, but the avoidance of that pain in the first place. By using some of the more traditional Muay Thai liniments and creams before and after training, Muay Thai fighters can ensure that they are doing everything they can in order to prevent pain and then deal with effectively with it when it happens. Prevention rather than cure is always something that should be considered during any Muay Thai training, since injury or pain can prevent sufficient and efficient training. This important element makes pain relief and pain prevention an important factor in any Muay Thai journey.

Muay Thai has been likened to Kickboxing throughout the years due to its boxing like techniques and as such most Muay Thai pain relief is also marketed and available to boxers such as liniments and creams. Within the current market today, there are a range of liniments and creams available to Muay Thai fighters that are traditionally designed for the soothing of the joints and muscles that are used mostly in Muay Thai techniques. Liniment such as Namman Muay Thai Boxing Liniment is an excellent choice for Muay Thai fighters thanks to its intricate, traditional design to help Muay Thai fighters specifically and its pain relieving qualities. The classic Namman liniment is designed for prevention as well as cure when it comes to pain relief throughout Muay Thai training, and can be used as a pre-spot warm up cream to wake up the muscles before, and during training to prevent injury throughout workouts and can also be used after training to soothe tight muscles and rejuvenate them, preventing pain and working as an effective pain relief as well. Boxing liniment such as Namman is generally made authentically using ingredients such as Methyl Salicylate and Menthol for rejuvenation of the muscles and soothing qualities that any Muay Thai fighters will benefit from.

Whilst liniment is an essential piece of equipment in any Muay Thai fighters collection, there are also a range of other pain relievers and preventives available to Muay Thai fighters today. Another popular pain relief remedy available to Muay Thai fighters is boxing cream, designed with analgesic properties for complete pain relief with little to no side effects at all. Much like the boxing liniment that plays an essential role in any Muay Thai fighters career, authentic Muay Thai boxing cream is also made by the traditional Namman and is designed authentically to fit the needs of modern and traditional Muay Thai fighters and the pain relief or prevention they require during workouts or fights. Boxing cream is an easy and efficient pain relief for Muay Thai fighters, offering quick relief and soothing properties for fast recovery and recuperation from any injury or body pain. Namman analgesic boxing cream is suitable for nearly every area of your body making it an essential item in your Muay Thai kit collection for fast pain relief easily, anywhere.

Whist the large portion of Muay Thai fighters or trainers will use either liniment or boxing cream to prevent and minimise pain and injury during their workouts or fights, there are also a range of other holistic and non-holistic remedies available, including massage and specifically designed Muay Thai oils and muscle rubs with different components to the traditional Namman liniments and creams available.

Many modern and traditional Muay Thai fighters know the importance of a good massage and the benefits associated with it to loosen tight muscles and help with the stiffness or aching of joints from Muay Thai training. Traditional Muay Thai massage can include specific Muay Thai oils or no oils at all depending on the style of massage and how it is conducted. The importance of a well rounded massage during any Muay Thai fighting career is one that will resonate in any Muay Thai fighter, preventing pain and curing pain all in one easy, relaxing sitting.

Many Muay Thai fighters not only rely on the positive properties of liniment, boxing cream and massage to help control their pain relief efficiently and effectively, but also rely on herbal oils and remedies that have holistic properties associated with muscle relaxation and pain relief. Some of the most popular herbal oils that are used throughout Muay Thai and its training regimes are oils consisting of herbs such as Ginger, Aloe Vera, Eucalyptus, Tumeric and more, these oils and their ingredients contain a holistic alternative to pain relief offering enhanced circulation, rapid pain relief and muscle looseness and flexibility without the chemicals that are included in other liniment and boxing creams available on the market today.

When it comes to pain relief for an individual Muay Thai fighter, it is always going to be the individuals choice on whether more traditional or holistic remedies are used. Depending on how hard you train, your outcome for training, current training level, how well each individual pain relief remedy works for you and how committed you are to your training will depend entirely on which pain relief is suitable for you. There is a vast range of choice available to Muay Thai fighters on the market today including authentic Namman boxing liniment and cream and more traditional, holistic remedies that can ease muscle tension and stiffness in different ways, but the style of pain relief you use will be a personal choice, reflectance of your training style and your own personal ability to deal with pain and the side effects of it.

Pain and injury is something that should always be avoided throughout Muay Thai training in order to maximise that training and your own personal ability within it, it is well known that injury can delay Muay Thai training and pain can delay it even further, which is why pain relief and choosing the most effective pain relief for you is one of the most important decisions to make throughout any Muay Thai journey.

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