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Australia like many countries across the globe embraces sport, enjoying the adrenaline rush and the camaraderie between players in any style of match and again, like many countries, Australia has adopted Muay Thai and its techniques in its cities and counties.


Generally regarded as a country that is fairly laid back with its scorching weather, slow pace of life and complacency with its being, Australia is a country that has embraced Muay Thai and all of its Eastern values in an outstanding way. As Muay Thai becomes more popular throughout both the Eastern and the Western world, Australia is now becoming the next country to succumb to the intrinsic appeal and mystery of the Thai Martial Art, offering gyms based all around its cities and counties.

Not only is Australia offering a portal to its citizens to learn Muay Thai with its extensive gyms, schools and training facilities, but its also offering something back to Muay Thai with some professional fighters such as Bruce Macfie, one of the most renown Australian Muay Thai fighters on the professional fighting scene today. As appeal with Muay Thai grows, it is certain that Australia will continue to offer the Muay Thai circuit impressive, powerful fighters in the future to come. Training as a professional fighter in the modern day Australia is not as uncommon as you might think, with Australia offering some of the best fighters in the Muay Thai fighting circuit today. As such, there are a range of different gyms offering a variety of training levels for whatever you wish to achieve from your Muay Thai training, and this wide range of gym clearly pronounces that Australia have embraced Muay Thai like some of the other biggest countries in the world.

Throughout Australia there is a reputable Australian Muay Thai fighting association that is also the governing body of Muay Thai fights in Australia, known as the WBC Muay Thai Australia. The WBC are an excellent tool to utilize in the early stages of any newcomer to the Australian Muay Thai fighting scene, offering unparalleled advice about the practices of Muay Thai, the most suitable gyms for newbies to the sport and whether Muay Thai is indeed, the right sport for you. Not only does the WBC offer advice for people who are thinking of training in Muay Thai, it also offers information, newsletters, offers professional fighters advice and details of upcoming fights and gives newcomers and fighters an outlet to discuss their Muay Thai training, giving Muay Thai another diversity edge with evolving methodology and practice.

As the Muay Thai culture begins to ingrain itself more and more into the Australian way of life, gyms are popping up all over Australia. Some of the best Muay Thai gyms available to both beginners and experts in Australia today are:

  • Hammers Gym

Widely known as one of the best Muay Thai gyms and offering Muay Thai training for both men and women, this gym is based in Victoria and can be contacted on 03987789266. You can also find more information at

  • Westside Martial Arts

Based in Melbourne and providing an authentic Muay Thai training experience, you can find more information about Westside Martial Arts at or by calling 0383584555.

  • SRG Thai Boxing Gym

Providing genuine Muay Thai training and offering a range of regimes that are suitable for both adults and children, the SRG Thai Boxing gym is based in the heart of Sydney. You can find out more by visiting or calling 0280841978.

  • Nuggets Thai Boxing Gym

Based in Queensland and offering private Muay Thai training as well as group training that is suitable for both beginners and the more experienced Muay Thai enthusiasts alike, you can contact this gym on 0404059160 or visit for more information.

  • Fight Militia Academy

Offering some of the most intense Muay Thai training designed for not only enhanced personal fitness, but competition as well, this gym is based in Bayswater and can be found at Alternatively, you can also call Rudi, or Alex on 0431715373 or email

  • DMD’s Mixed Martial Arts

Based in East Brunswick, this dynamic Muay Thai training gym is the perfect gym for both beginners and enthusiasts alike. You can find out more at or by calling 0409791154. Alternatively, you can also email

  • Martial Mix

Home to a wealth of professional Muay Thai fighters, this gym is based in the heart of Glen Huntly, Melbourne, and offers training for all, from any walks of life. To find out more about the Martial Mix gym, you can visit or call 0395636658.

  • Supafight Gym

Based in the heart of St. Kilda, Victoria and offering authentic Muay Thai training that is suitable for everyone, the Supafight gym is available to call on 0402691979. Alternatively, you can visit for more information.

  • WATBC Gym

Providing authentic Muay Thai training regimes, conducted by genuine Muay Thai fighters themselves, the WATBC Gym is based in Bayswater and can be visited at You can also call the WATBC on 0861619997 or email at,

  • Taipan Muay Thai Gym

Established since 1996, the Taipan Muay Thai gym is an affordable gym with a range of varying training regimes to suit all. Offering four gyms throughout Australia, including Mortdale, Leumeah, Marrickville and Bondi, you can find out more about the Taipan franchise and relevant contact details for each gym at

There are now Muay Thai gyms across the main breadth and width of the Australian Isles with some of the main training gyms and schools based in Melbourne and Sydney. Whilst these aren’t the only main training gyms, these are the gyms that are suited to the fighter going to Australia to train. When it comes to training in Muay Thai in Australia, it could probably be somewhat of a tougher affair, Muay Thai is already a physically gruelling and intense sport with an equally intense training regime and considering Australia boasts scorching temperatures throughout the year, this could be a potential danger to Muay Thai fighters, the WBC can also offer advice on supplement and nutrition for fighters that are training in the heat of Australia.

One of the most important factors that any newcomer to the sport should consider is the history of Muay Thai and what is was originally designed for, their own experience of Muay Thai and their own personal outcome for their training. Finding a suitable Muay Thai gym isn’t just as easy as seeing one online and then attending a class, finding the right gym should involve a careful process that eliminates gyms that are not suited to your level of experience or your level of confidence. Some of the instructors in gyms throughout Australia will have a different way of training someone, offering variations on techniques, stances and teaching different combinations within a fighting ring, making it important to find out what style of training each gym offers, and then identifying what style of training is best suited to your needs.

People throughout Australia train in Muay Thai for different reasons including keeping fit and healthy, or training upto to professional level and attempting to become a professional fighter. These two reasons are the main reasons for training in Muay Thai throughout Australia, and together they are something quite different altogether, as such, you should ensure that you have identified your own personal outcome for training and then with the help of the WBC or by visiting gyms in the local area, find the gym that is offering a training program best suited to your goal.

As appeal and interest continue to grow in Australia, the country will continue to see an influx of gyms and schools dedicating to teaching the young and the old population of Australia, Muay Thai.

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