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Whilst Canada is often thought of a city that sleeps beneath snow during its winter months, Canada is also a country that has become quite the Muay Thai enthusiasts throughout its digital age. As more and more people in Canada begin to turn to Muay Thai as a way to keep fit, escape the mundane or train as a professional, Muay Thai fighter, Muay Thai is growing in popularity, offering a variety of Muay Thai gyms that are suitable for any Canadians experience level.


Throughout Canada and its cities, there are more than two national associations related to Muay Thai, making it one of the countries where Muay Thai popularity has spread out to its maximum potential. Muay Thai associations include the Canadian Muay Thai Council and the World Amateur Muay Thai Association of Canada, both renown in appeal offering some of the best Muay Thai fighters in competitions and tournaments against Thai fighters themselves and offering unparalleled advice to newcomers to the world of Muay Thai. These associations and the engagement that Canada has in relation to Muay Thai make Canada, aside from Thailand itself, one of the best places to train in the effective Martial Art form.

The Muay Thai hype in Canada has not only spread through the adult population of Canada, but also the young population, with nearly as many children training in Muay Thai throughout the country as adults. Muay Thai throughout Canada places a great focus on offering gyms and schools that are equipped with classes suited towards the needs of young trainers, and many of the Muay Thai Canadian associations also offer help for young people looking to train in the techniques of Muay Thai. Whilst the appeal of Muay Thai grows, parents are choosing to place their children in Canadian Muay Thai gyms as after school activities, not only to give them a skill and a potential future in the factitious Muay Thai professional fighting circuit but also to enhance their confidence and their focus skills.

Choosing the right Muay Thai gym in Canada that is suited not only to your personal ability level, but experience level as well, is a critical choice at the start of any Muay Thai training path. The associations in Canada not only provide a portal for newcomers and professionals to come together and discuss Muay Thai in new ways like never before, but they also offer newcomers a fresh perspective on Muay Thai and help them to find their feet in such a technical and intricate Martial Art form. These associations are an excellent starting point for any Canadian newcomer and can often help to find the right gym, local to you that is suited to your needs, experience and own personal outcome for learning Muay Thai.

As Muay Thai spreads in popularity throughout Canada and throughout the rest of the Western world, Muay Thai has evolved and turned very much into a professional and regulated sport, with training focus dedicated to achieving points in a professional Muay Thai match. Whilst this is the focus of Muay Thai training in many of the modern, Western gyms, it is important to identify what your personal outcome is for training in Muay Thai and how to choose a gym that is suited to that personal goal. There are many gyms across the cities and counties of Canada that offer Muay Thai training that is suitable for the fighting ring and for the purpose of getting fit and staying fit. The many Canadian associations that are related to Muay Thai offer a vast catalogue of knowledge regarding which gyms are suitable for the training outcome you desire, and are an excellent tool to utilize when it comes to finding the perfect gym for you.

As the popularity of Muay Thai has swooped throughout Canada, there are now a vast range of Canadian Muay Thai gyms available across the cities and counties of the country. Here are some of the top best gyms in Canada today:

  • Canadian Fighting Center

The number one martial arts training center, based in Winnipeg offers a range of training regimes, suitable for all experience levels. You can find out more information about the Canadian Fighting Center at or by calling 204-772-2599. Alternatively you can email

  • Spitfire Muay Thai Canada

Based in Moncton, New Brunswick and offering a range of Muay Thai training that is suitable for either competing or just enhancing your own physical fitness, you can contact the Spitfire training centre on (506)-227-4444 or by visiting

  • Kalsamrit Muay Thai

One of the most prestigious gyms in the whole of Canada, this Muay Thai gym offers training that is suitable for newcomers, fighters and kids with their extensive training regimes. Based in Ontario, visit, call 905-439-5254 or email

  • Daosawan Muay Thai

Based in Montreal, and offering authentic Muay Thai training for French Canadian speakers, you can find out more about the Daosawan Muay Thai gym at or by calling 514-985-2828.

  • Pride Gym Muay Thai

Based in Trail and providing an authentic Muay Thai training regime that is suitable for both young people and adults alike, you can contact the Pride Gym on (250)-364-3031 or by visiting

  • Ajarn Mike Miles Muay Thai

Offering both fitness and competition Muay Thai training is the four time professional Muay Thai world champion, Mike Miles. You can find out more about this training gym, based in Calgary, at or by calling 403-244-8424.

  • House of Muay Thai – Siam No1

Canadas first and longest established gym, based in Toronto, providing genuine Muay Thai training to both adult and child beginners or experienced Muay Thai enuthsiasts. You can find more information about this gym at or by calling 416-781-3775.

  • Southside Muay Thai Academy

Based in Ontario and offering authentic, Muay Thai team training is the Southside Muay Thai Academy. You can contact this gym on 647-428-8586, at, or by emailing

  • H20 MMA Gym

Based in Montreal and offering a range of modernized and authentic Muay Thai training techniques for both beginners and experienced Muay Thai fighters, you can find out more about this gym at or by calling 514-814- 9006.

  • Old School Muay Thai

Providing a genuine Muay Thai training service to beginners, experts and the young and old alike, the Old School Muay Thai training gym is based in Toronto and can be visited at Alternatively you can also contact this gym on 416-436-0226 or by emailing


Muay Thai has an origin shrouded in history, but it is agreed that it was designed as a way to utilize the body as a weapon so that the use of heavy weapons such as daggers and swords could be minimised on the battle field. This makes Muay Thai a fast paced, intense Martial Art with real prospect of injury, which is why perhaps it is so popular throughout Canada. Whilst Muay Thai is a fast paced sport, it is an adrenaline fuelled sport that can give anyone a sense of belonging and pride, and this community sense that Muay Thai emits is classic of the Canadian communities due to adverse weather conditions, making Muay Thai and its culture a perfect match with the Canadian values and traditions.

It is clear from the way that Canada and its people have embraced Muay Thai, that it is a Thai Martial Art that will be staying with Canada for a long period of time. As popularity increases and as young participants turn into professional fighters, it may be that the gyms of Canada and their teachings may cause Muay Thai to evolve once again in its techniques and methodology, but for now, Canada is embracing the Eastern charm of Muay Thai and offering more and more gyms to the citizens of Canada, creating a chain of events in Muay Thai that could lead to anywhere in the world.

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