Muay Thai Gyms – United States

As one of the largest countries on the planet, the United States of America has embraced Muay Thai like no other country in the world. As Muay Thai has spread in popularity throughout the globe, thanks to

Muay Thai Gyms – Spain

As Muay Thai becomes more and more popular throughout both the Eastern and the Western world, there have been an influx of Muay Thai gyms and schools all offering training to ordinary people throughout the cities and

Muay Thai Gyms – Germany

During the origins of Muay Thai, it was developed and utilized as a way to turn the body into a weapon during times of close combat, minimising the need for heavy weapons such as daggers and swords.

Muay Thai Gyms – France

Thailand has a culture that is rich in heritage which up until recently many knew not of, that was until the introduction of one of the Thai cultures defining features, Muay Thai into the rest of the

Muay Thai Gyms – United Kingdom

Muay Thai is incredibly popular throughout both the Western and the Eastern world but one of the most Western countries that has adopted Muay Thai as one of its favourite sports to learn and one that has

Muay Thai Gyms – Canada

Whilst Canada is often thought of a city that sleeps beneath snow during its winter months, Canada is also a country that has become quite the Muay Thai enthusiasts throughout its digital age. As more and more

Muay Thai Gyms – Australia

Australia like many countries across the globe embraces sport, enjoying the adrenaline rush and the camaraderie between players in any style of match and again, like many countries, Australia has adopted Muay Thai and its techniques in