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Thailand has a culture that is rich in heritage which up until recently many knew not of, that was until the introduction of one of the Thai cultures defining features, Muay Thai into the rest of the Eastern and the Western world. As Muay Thai has become more widely known throughout the globe, it has tripled in size with Muay Thai gyms and schools offering training in nearly every country around the world.


Whilst new professional fighters raise up from countries other than Thailand, such as Australia and Canada, Muay Thai grows in appeal in our Western world as we watch more television shows involving Muay Thai, live competitions and tournaments and play Muay Thai video games.

One of the countries where Muay Thai has become most popular and shown the Muay Thai fighting scene some of the best, most powerful fighters there is in present day Muay Thai, is France. Not far from the United Kingdom where Muay Thai is already established in modern society with gyms and schools based all around the British Isles, France has become another country, already bound by history and finesse, to embrace Thai culture and bring Muay Thai as a sport into their homes.

Throughout France there has been a steady increase in the amount of Muay Thai gyms and schools there are appearing throughout the country, after the French man Jean-Charles Skarbowsky became one of the leading fighters in the Muay Thai fighting ring, there has been an essence in France within people to learn Muay Thai and bring the fighting ring into their lives.

Whilst France is known for its fine dining and wine, France is the one of the most efficient places to train in Muay Thai in the modern world today. Efficient Muay Thai training is all about keeping your body in peak physical shape which involves intense training regimes and a healthy diet containing a lot of protein, carbohydrates and other nutrients suitable for keeping a sportsman in shape. France is known for its fresh foods and subsequently varied diet of good quality food, making it the optimal place for enthusiasts to stay in shape and eat healthily as well. Perhaps this is why Muay Thai has become so popular throughout France, out of the desire to keep fit, stay in shape and look upto idols such as the French fighters that are making a name for themselves in the current Muay Thai fighting circuit.

Throughout France there is a leading French Muay Thai association known as WBC Muay Thai. This association is an excellent outlet for both newcomers and professionals to the Muay Thai training to find suitable gyms that right for them, find local events and take part in regulated tournaments and competitions throughout France and find out the news taking place in the Muay Thai fighting circuit, all at the same time. The WBC Muay Thai is the perfect place to start in France for any budding Muay Thai enthusiast and has an in-depth knowledge of the training circuit and gyms available in France for beginners to make their entrance into the world of Muay Thai.

As Muay Thai becomes ever increasingly popular throughout France, there will continue to be a surge of Muay Thai gyms becoming available in local cities. Here is a list of the some of the top Muay Thai gyms in France today, suitable for both beginners and more experienced, Muay Thai enthusiasts;

  • BMTC Muay Thai

Based in Paris, this Muay Thai gym offers authentic training that is suitable for all ages and experience levels with its varied class availability. You can find out more information about this gym at or you can call on 068598943. Alternatively, you can also send an email to

  • Revel Muay Thai

A member of the FFSCI, this gym is based in Revel and offers Muay Thai training for fighters, newcomers and children. You can call the Revel Muay Thai gym on 0618628716, email at, or alternatively visit their website for more information.

  • Temple du Ninja

Offering authentic Muay Thai training and open to newcomers and experienced fighters alike, this gym is based in Maisons-Alfort and can be visited at for more information. Alternatively, you can call them on 0141794949 for general information about their services.

  • Club RMBoxing

Home to some of the French Muay Thai professional champions and based in Saint-Denis, this gym is the perfect choice for any budding Muay Thai enthusiast. You can find out more information about this gym at, or you can call them on 0142439448.

  • Muay Thai Khai

Based in the heart of Rennes and offering Muay Thai training that is suitable for beginners and enthusiasts alike, you can visit this gyms website at or call them on 0608771004 for more information regarding their Muay Thai training.

  • Fushan Kwoon Thai Boxing Club

This club offers a range of Mixed Martial Arts training, including Muay Thai, to anyone, of any experience level. Based in Vanves, this gym can be visited at or called on 0140930239 for more information.

  • Team Zeitoun “School of Boxing”

Offering some of the most authentic and genuine Muay Thai training throughout France, this gym is home to many professional Muay Thai fighters on the fighting scene today. You can find out more about Team Zeitoun, based in Paris, at or by calling 0678252749. Alternatively, you can also email them at

  • Muay Thai Academy 57

Based in Metz, this gym offers a range of Muay Thai training suitable for any level of experience or age. You can find out more about the Muay Thai Academy at, or by calling Pascal on 0675939388 for training schedules and events.

  • Supreme Thai Boxing

Providing one of the most dynamic range of Muay Thai training services in France and offering both professional fighting training and fitness training throughout their gym, based in Toulouse, you  can visit this gym at their website or call them on 0786871902 for more information.

  • 8 Strikes

Based in the heart of Nice and offering a vigorous Muay Thai training regime that can be tailored to all, you can find out more information about 8 Strikes and their training at Alternatively, you can also call Adam on 07852777257 or visit their personal website

Choosing a suitable gym that is right for you is one of the most important aspects of any Muay Thai training, no matter where you are in the world. As Muay Thai popularity begins to grow and more and more gyms and schools each offering training begin to become available in your local town, it can be difficult to decide which gym would be able to offer you the best service in your Muay Thai journey. Some of the most important things to consider when selecting the Muay Thai gym for your training is what your confidence level is like and what you want to achieve from your Muay Thai training. Some of the gyms available in France, whilst offer Muay Thai training, offer more advanced training that, although is suitable if you are planning on training in the hope of becoming a professional Muay Thai fighter, may not be suitable if you are simply planning in training in Muay Thai to get fit and stay in shape, so it is vital that you find a gym that is equipped to training you for your own personal goal.

Muay Thai throughout France is catching popularity quickly with more and more Muay Thai gyms and schools becoming available throughout the counties and cities of France. As such, Muay Thai is now spreading to other countries offering its powerful fighting skills and exciting professional fighting career paths, making it not one of the most popular sports throughout the Eastern world and Kingdoms, but also the Western world.

It is suggested that perhaps France has such a love for the Thai arts due to the connection both France and Thailand share with their personal histories. It is well known that the French are the lovers of the finer things in life, and enjoy the camaraderie between their history and their modern day lives, much like the Thai, and as such Muay Thai has swooped through the nation bringing elegant fighting force and history in the form of a pure Martial Art.

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