How to Select Appropriate Muay Thai Equipment

Muay Thai has become one of the most popular Mixed Martial Arts in the modern world today, with thousands of Muay Thai gyms across the most of the world. The popularity of Muay Thai is mainly due to its classic training techniques and distinct connection with kick boxing and other popular Mixed Martial Arts practised today.

Muay Thai Shorts (тайские шорты)

Once you’ve made the decision to train in the popular Mixed Martial Art,  Muay Thai (тайского бокса Инвентарь) , you’ll want to know what type of equipment you’ll need in order to train effectively and appropriately throughout your Muay Thai journey. The range of equipment you’ll need to begin your Muay Thai training is varied with equipment ranging from gloves, shorts, punching bags, hand wraps and shin guards. This diverse range of equipment whilst varied, is all essential in training in the powerful techniques of Muay Thai efficiently and safely, but can be confusing for anyone new to Muay Thai and looking for somewhere to begin.

The first place to start when beginning your Muay Thai journey and deciding which Muay Thai equipment you need, you should do some research and follow the instruction of your coaches. The best way to ensure that your Muay Thai training is successful is to select appropriate equipment suited to your training needs.

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Muay Thai Gloves (Перчатки)

During your Muay Thai training, you’ll use a range of different equipment depending on the level of training you are at. These diverse and versatile training techniques are classic of Muay Thai ensuring that your whole body, and your mind is trained effectively to perfectly perform the Muay Thai techniques used during a fight. Equipment such as punching bags and skipping ropes are an essential part of Muay Thai training and will be used in different settings depending on your personal ability, the area of your body you are planning to train at the time and your Muay Thai training level. A critical element of training in the unique methodology of Muay Thai is endurance and training your body to perform under pressure.

Muay Thai techniques during any level of training, workout or fight are predominately punches and kicks, with a Muay Thai motto being: Punches, Kicks, Elbows and Knees, meaning your training will consist of using equipment for entire body conditioning and equipment for personal protection and safety.

Muay Thai equipment consists of many different factors from training to protection, which is why some of the most important choices to be made when choosing Muay Thai equipment that is right for you is choosing gloves, hand wraps and shorts. Maintaining your healthy, fit body and protecting yourself from damage is just as important as training and competing in Muay Thai fights.

Some of the most vital equipment during Muay Thai training is hand wraps and gloves. Hand wraps play a large role in the techniques and training of Muay Thai offering protection and accuracy with traditional Muay Thai wrapping techniques. Available on the market today, there are a range of Muay Thai hand wraps, ranging from cotton, elasticated fabrics and Zinc Oxide materials. Many Muay Thai hand wraps are available with a velcro fastening for secure wear and wrapping making them easy and secure to use and wear.

When choosing a Muay Thai hand wrap that is suitable for you, find out as much as you can about each of the different wraps and wrap materials available, and if you can, try each different material and length size available to see which wrap works best for you. There is no need to make your hand wrap too tight and so if it feels tight or restricts your movement, the wrap is not suitable and you should try another. A suitable wrap will keep your wrist straight and protected for enhanced accuracy and power, protect your knuckles with padding in the right places and allow you flexible movement that is comfortable and easy.

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Muay Thai hand wraps are used during Muay Thai training, workouts and fights. They can also be worn under Muay Thai gloves for further protection making them an essential part of Muay Thai equipment.

Not only will you need to find a suitable hand wrap for your Muay Thai training, but you’ll also need to find a pair of suitable Muay Thai gloves for more diverse training techniques and fights. Muay Thai gloves are another essential part of Muay Thai equipment in order to train properly and effectively. There are a range of Muay Thai gloves available to fighters today, made by different brands and available in different weights and sizes for a range of different training techniques, making choosing the right pair of Muay Thai gloves for you a somewhat confusing choice, but one of the most important choices you’ll make in your Muay Thai journey.

There is a varied choice of Muay Thai gloves available today with lots of options available, but you’ll mainly find that Muay Thai gloves come in three basic sizes: small, medium and large. Muay Thai gloves not only come in different sizes, but different weights as well, ranging from 8.oz up to 18.oz depending on your weight class during a fight, training level and use for the gloves.

When choosing your first pair of Muay Thai gloves, you need to first decide what you will be doing when you are wearing the gloves, whether you will be fighting in a weight class or training a specific area of your body. Gloves are available in different weights and sizes, each used for specific activities such as punching heavy bags, or punching your opponent, so you’ll need a suitable pair of Muay Thai gloves to reflect each specific training technique or fight you perform.

Once you have made this decision you can then move onto the size of the glove you will need and the weight you will require. Light gloves are better suited to performing swift punches and grappling with your opponent, whilst heavier gloves are used for training, punch bags and sparring. The best way to ensure your gloves are a perfect fit for you is to try on as many pairs of gloves as you can, trying on different gloves before making a final decision will ensure that you’ve found the perfect pair of gloves that are comfortable and flexible, for you.

Don’t concentrate too much on how tight brand new Muay Thai gloves may feel and follow the direction of your coach when it comes to choosing a suitable pair of Muay Thai gloves. Brand new gloves will often loosen up in time as when new the material can be tight and stiff, much like new shoes.

Unlike traditional boxing gloves which are generally rigid, although made from very similar materials, Muay Thai gloves are generally more flexible, allowing you to open your hand in order to perform some of the more close contact techniques used in Muay Thai fights. Similar to boxing gloves, Muay Thai gloves are built for protection and to protect your knuckles and wrists from any damage that could occur in a Muay Thai fight. Generally professional Muay Thai fighters will use lace up gloves for enhanced safety and protection, although velcro fastening type gloves are also popular during training.

Maintaining your gloves for long-lasting use is an important factor throughout your Muay Thai training. Depending on the environment you’re training in, such as, if you’re in Thailand training in a hot environment or in Europe in a cooler environment, will depend on the amount of bacteria that will grow in your Muay Thai gloves from the sweat off your hands. Keeping your gloves dry and fresh with anti-bacterial sprays and deodorants are the best way of prolonging your Muay Thai gloves life.

Throughout any level of Muay Thai training, you’ll use a range of different equipment and apparel for effective training and fights. As already covered, you’ll use hand wraps, a variety of training equipment and gloves throughout your Muay Thai training, but when it comes to taking your Muay Thai journey to the next level and partaking in official or unofficial Muay Thai fights, you’ll need a suitable pair of Muay Thai shorts.

Muay Thai shorts are much different to boxing shorts, as they are designed to be very short allowing for free-flowing movement in order to perform some of the Muay Thai techniques efficiently. Traditionally Muay Thai shorts would have been made from exceptional quality satin in Thailand, and these are still available from some particular brands of Muay Thai shorts, however now Muay Thai has become more popular and spread across most of the globe, Muay Thai shorts can be found in materials such as Nylon and other synthetic materials. There are a range of different brands available, all offering different types and styles, and so there are some tips you should follow when buying the perfect pair.

As with any Muay Thai equipment such as gloves and hand wraps, one of the most important things to do when choosing a suitable pair of Muay Thai shorts is to try them on and see how comfortable they feel. Practising in some shadow boxing when you try on your shorts is a good idea to help you get a feel for how comfortable, and flexible the shorts feel in a real use setting. Muay Thai shorts are available in a range of different sizes and different brands can feel and fit differently, so it is important that the comfort and the fit of your Muay Thai shorts is more important than the appearance. A well fitting pair of Muay Thai shorts don’t restrict your kick or movement whatsoever and an excellent fitting pair of Muay Thai shorts could be the difference between effective and non-effective training in your Muay Thai journey.

As well as gloves, hand wraps and shorts, Muay Thai equipment also consists of a range of protective gear including shin guards for sparring, mouth guards for protection of teeth and gums, head gear, stomach gear and padding. This diverse variety of protective Muay Thai equipment is essential in training in Muay Thai to ensure that not only are you performing Muay Thai safely and to the best of your ability, but you are protected from injury that could consequently prevent you from training in Muay Thai in the future.

Whilst a lot of Muay Thai equipment consists of protective gear including gloves and guards, a lot of Muay Thai equipment is based around the training techniques and fighting methods taught in Muay Thai gyms across the globe.

Muay Thai equipment throughout your Muay Thai journey will depend mainly on the level of Muay Thai you are currently training at, your own personal ability level and the part of your body you are planning to train at the time. Your Muay Thai gloves will be used throughout this equipment training especially during punching bag training and sparring.

Skipping ropes, punching pads and balls are all pieces of training equipment you will use throughout your Muay Thai training, all designed to train different parts of your body for the diverse techniques and methods used in throughout the practice of Muay Thai. The weight of your Muay Thai gloves will also aid the development of your Muay Thai training and be used in conjunction with many different pieces of Muay Thai equipment including heavy punching bags and lighter swift punching training techniques.

Muay Thai is a physical contact Mixed Martial Art that implements many different training techniques for maximum potential and advancement throughout your Muay Thai journey. From physical body conditioning to fighting techniques and Muay Thai methodology, you will use a range of different equipment and gear specifically designed for Muay Thai. By ensuring you select the appropriate Muay Thai equipment for you, your training level and personal ability, you can guarantee that you will train in Muay Thai efficiently and appropriately.

By following the lead of your coaches, recognizing your own personal ability and training level, conducting in depth and appropriate research and spending time selecting the appropriate Muay Thai equipment for you, you can ensure that you are training effectively and efficiently to maximise your Muay Thai training.

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