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As one of the largest countries on the planet, the United States of America has embraced Muay Thai like no other country in the world. As Muay Thai has spread in popularity throughout the globe, thanks to its unique fighting styles, intricate techniques and tradition soaked history, there have been an influx of Muay Thai gyms offering training appear in cities and counties across the States. As the interest in Muay Thai has expanded and more people want to learn and start their own Muay Thai journeys, Muay Thai has become a household name with nearly everybody knowing a Muay Thai gym that is local to them.

Whilst Muay Thai has spread across most of the Eastern and Western world through popularity and interest, Muay Thai is now most popular throughout the United States of America with gyms in nearly every state and city present. The reason for this popularity of Muay Thai in the states is down to a various range of factors, including how popular the sport is to watch in live matches or on television throughout America and the way in which Americans, like many others, are inclined to learn Martial Arts for self defence purposes. Muay Thai is popular throughout America not only because of this inclination to learn but also because of the health benefits and properties associated with Muay Thai and its training techniques, and the American obsession of perfection.

Due to popularity and demand for more Muay Thai gyms throughout the United States, there are now gyms in nearly every state of America, each offering a different level of Muay Thai from beginners training to advanced. Various levels of techniques can range from learning how to correctly wrap your hands before training or before a fight for protection, to how to strike with the most power and more advanced combination techniques, but training in Muay Thai isn’t just about learning the techniques and methodology of fighting and protection, but also understanding those practices and why they are done.

The style of Muay Thai schools that are most commonly present in the United States today are gyms. This style of learning environment is fully equipped for learning Muay Thai with appropriate practice equipment, partners and apparel and whilst is a fully efficient way of learning Muay Thai correctly and appropriately, it is a spare time and hobby styled environment that allows fighters to come and go as they please – unlike the more traditional Muay Thai camps in Thailand.

There are some top ten gyms throughout the United States that are renowned for offering some of the most authentic and traditional Muay Thai training. These gyms include:

  • Muay Thai School USA

This gym is based in the heart of Hollywood, California and offers authentic Muay Thai training. You can find out more about this gym at or by calling (818)-980-6688.

  • The REAL OC Muay Thai Training Camp

Perfect for beginners and based in Seal Beach, Orange Country, this famous gym is an excellent environment for any newcomer to the world of Muay Thai. Call 1-949-444-4460 or visit for more information.

  • Team Tooke

Based in Houston, Texas and offering authentic, close-contact Muay Thai, the Team Tooke gym is perfect for both beginners and experienced Muay Thai enthusiasts. Find out more about Team Tooke on (281)-955-7300 or visit

  • Muay Thai Kickboxing Gym

Another gym based in the heart of Hollywood, California but also offering traditional, Muay Thai training perfect for newcomers or otherwise. You can find out more about this gym by visiting or by calling (818)-786-7922.

  • Dek Wat Muay Thai

This gym is famed for its authentic training techniques and well equipped gym. Based in West Oakland, California, find out more about the Dek Wat Muay Thai gym at or call (510)-879-7909.

  • Workshop Muay Thai

Based in Manhattan, New York and offering a range of intense Muay Thai training, you can call Workshop Muay Thai on (212)-343-8310, visit, or email for more information regarding this gym.

  • Team Sityodtong

Offering traditional, close-contact Muay Thai training since 1996, Team Sityodtong is based in the heart of Somerville, Massachusetts and can be found at or by calling 617-627-9678.

  • Tankhead Muay Thai

Originating in China, but now based in the dynamic Shreveport, Louisiana, you can find out more about this gym by visiting, or by emailing

  • Maverick Training

Based in Huntsville, Alabama and offering a training regime that is suitable for both beginners and more experienced Muay Thai fighters, you can contact this gym on (256)-797-6025 or by visiting and using the contact form available.

  • Academy of Martial Arts

Based in Sheridan Street, Cooper City, Florida, this gym offers a range of Muay Thai training and MMA for the purposes of self-defence and professional competition. You can find out more about this gym at or by calling 954-447-7010.

Whilst these gyms are all gyms that professional Muay Thai fighters and newcomer fighters to the Muay Thai fighting scene have all had positive experiences with, its important to remember that finding the right gym for you, wherever it may be, is of up-most importance at the start of your Muay Thai journey.

The style of Muay Thai training taught throughout the United States gyms can also vary on the instructors experience and own personal preference when learning Muay Thai in the world outside of Thailand.

Many instructors from the various gyms throughout America, and across the globe, each have their own level of experience, ability and skill to pass over onto their fighters during training and this instructors experience can tailor a fighters training in the essence of what techniques would be taught and how well fighters can adapt to the new situations constantly presented throughout Muay Thai. Finding the right Muay Thai gym for you is an essential choice before beginning any Muay Thai journey, and it is advised to select a gym that is suited to your own personal ability level and experience of Muay Thai for maximum training and potential throughout, which is why it is important to view as many gyms as possible when you’re looking for the right one for you. Questions to the fighters during gym viewings and how they find their training at that particular gym is always a helpful way to get a feel for any Muay Thai gym before committing your training to them.

Throughout America and spread widely over many of the fifty states with Muay Thai schools offering authentic, professional Muay Thai training is the Thai Boxing Association of the USA. The TBA is the first go-to place for any budding Muay Thai enthusiast offering experience and advice to newcomers in respect to the location of a Muay Thai school near them, and what to expect throughout Muay Thai training. The TBA is always an excellent source of advice for professional Muay Thai fighters as well as beginners, with frequent newsletters detailing technique variations, fight information around various cities across the fifty States of America, Muay Thai classes and more, but also forums where other Muay Thai fighters can get together online and discuss their training in more detail.

Many budding enthusiast Muay Thai fighters will choose to find their perfect gym through the Thai Boxing Association of the USA due to the wealth of knowledge available to newcomers from their forums and experienced Muay Thai fighting members.

So as Muay Thai grows in popularity throughout the United States and more of both the Western and Eastern world, Muay Thai gyms, fights and regulated associations are becoming more and more commonplace in our everyday lives. This expanding Mixed Martial Art is one of interest, appeal and intrigue across the globe now, with its close contact fighting style, adrenaline fuelled training and akin likeness to kick boxing, but as more people train in Muay Thai, fight in Muay Thai and learn in Muay Thai, it is only right that Muay Thai will continue to spread as one of the most popular Mixed Martial Arts to learn in the current day and age.

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