Muay Thai Games and Muay Thai in the Media

As Muay Thai has swooped popularity throughout the Eastern and Western world, gaining thousands of fighters and trainers with professional competitions and tournaments spread across the globe, Muay Thai has become a presence in our modern day media.From live tournaments such as UFC presenting Muay Thai fighters alongside magazines, newsletters and even simulation games, Muay Thai has become a sensation, not only in Thailand, that many people want to be a part of.


The world today is one of a digital age and as such, there are so many ways that people can become part of the Muay Thai hype, from online forums to YouTube videos all the way through to the video games that people play in the comfort of their own home, people are engaging with Muay Thai in more ways than one than ever before in its entire history.

As popularity and interest in Muay Thai continues to grow, there is no doubt that Muay Thai will continue to make a presence in our everyday media. From television programmes such as ‘An Idiot Abroad’ and throughout children’s programmes such as, ‘Power Rangers’, we are being exposed to Muay Thai on a daily basis and as such, interest is growing thanks to the intrinsic and illustrious appeal Muay Thai has.

As online gaming is becoming more and more a part of our everyday lives, Muay Thai and its popularity has also integrated itself into that aspect of our lives too. Whilst many enjoy popular online gaming websites such a, many also enjoy the two main Muay Thai games there are available on that website as well. The games such as Muay Thai and Muay Thai 2, are both Martial Art fighting games that enable players to fight their way through various levels, before defeating a boss at the end, by utilizing and developing their characters advanced Muay Thai fighting skills. With elements such as strength upgrades and power bonuses at the end of each level, the games allow the players to increase their characters skill, power and attributes offering a real life fighting experience all in one online experience. Not only do these basic, online Muay Thai games offer a chance for people to get a feel for Muay Thai whilst engaging with the sport as well, they also have the most advanced fighting moves ever seen in an online Muay Thai fighting game, making it realistic, and ultra popular in the world of online gaming and Mixed Martial Arts.

As video games and computers become one of the most common material objects in our everyday lives, Muay Thai will continue to be a popular and interesting topic in the households of the world. By encouraging people to go and train in Muay Thai, or even just to take an interest in Muay Thai and begin watching real, professional competitions and tournaments on television, video games have a huge role to play in the how the popularity of Muay Thai has spread, not just through the Eastern world, but the nearly of the Western world as well, making it perhaps, one of the most popular Martial Art styles to learn in our modern age.

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