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As Muay Thai becomes more and more popular throughout both the Eastern and the Western world, there have been an influx of Muay Thai gyms and schools all offering training to ordinary people throughout the cities and counties of the globe. Much of the United Kingdom, the United States and Germany amongst many other countries are all besotted with Muay Thai, the training techniques used and career potential in the current day Muay Thai fighting circuit. But as Muay Thai has spread throughout the globe and offered fighters to the Martial Art fighting circuit from Australia, and France, Muay Thai has now spread to Spain where there is a buzzing Muay Thai culture that everybody wants to be a part of.


Today in Spain there are hundreds of Muay Thai gyms and schools spread across Madrid, Barcelona and various other cities and counties offering authentic Muay Thai training to people from every walk of life. Muay Thai has become an extremely popular sport throughout Spain in the past centennial years and as such has now offered one of the most powerful fighters to the Muay Thai fighting circuit in the form of Frank Munoz, the Spanish Muay Thai professional champion back in 2010.

It is wondered if the popularity of the professional fighters from the respective countries that embrace Muay Thai so boldly is the reason for the popularity spread of Muay Thai across the globe. Professional Muay Thai fighters are not only fighting as ambassadors of the sport itself, but also as representatives of their country, giving many countries a sense of pride in their Muay Thai skill and again, a shared connection with the Thai culture.

Throughout Spain today and its Muay Thai community there are more than one national associations offering advice, newsletters and tips to newcomer fighters and professional fighters already established in the tournament circuit of Muay Thai. The two main associations throughout Spain for Muay Thai fighters to utilize is the International Federation of Muay Thai and World Muay Thai Council, both whoms headquarters reside in Spain. For new, budding enthusiasts to Muay Thai, these associations are an excellent starting place to finding the suitable gym that is right for you and communicating with more experienced fighters to discuss techniques and the history of Muay Thai itself. These associations don’t only provide a reliable starting point for any newcomers to the Sport within Spain, they also provide useful information to established fighters including upcoming tournament information and frequent newsletters with any local or national news regarding the Muay Thai fighting circuit.

In Spain there are a wealth of gyms offering authentic and traditional Muay Thai training to both newcomers and already experienced enthusiasts. Some of the top gyms throughout Spain today include:

  • Kickboxing & Muay Thai BCN

Based in the heart of Barcelona and offering a range of traditional Muay Thai training techniques, you can find out more about this gym at or by calling 933259286.

  • Muay Thai Madrid

One of the most prestigious Muay Thay gyms throughout Spain and providing authentic Muay Thai training, this gym offers training regimes suitable for anyone. Based in Madrid, you can contact this gym by calling 912164879, or visiting Alternatively, you can email them at

  • MTTB Camp

Offering authentic Muay Thai training that is suitable for any experience, ability or confidence level, you can find out more about the MTTB Muay Thai training camp, based in Barcelona at or by calling 932073271.

  • Palma Fitness

Based in Palma de Mallorca and offering a vigorous Muay Thai training regime that is suited towards those looking to enhance their own physical fitness, this gym can be contacted on 871945886 or visited at for more information.


Offering some of the most authentic and genuine Muay Thai for a range of enthusiasts throughout Spain is the BCNMA. Based in the heart of the dynamic city Barcelona, you can find out more information at or by calling 934852201. Alternatively you can email at

  • Luluba Brothers

The prestigious Brazilian Martial Arts Academy, run by the famous Luluba Brothers offer a range of Muay Thai training suitable for all training levels and ages. You can contact this gym on 675584271, emailing at or by visiting for more information.

  • Club Muay Thai Xabia

Based in heart of Alicante and offering a range of Muay Thai training, you can find out more information about the Club Muay Thai Xabia at or by calling 629621196.

  • DKSR Muay Thai

Offering authentic and genuine Muay Thai training in Barcelona, suited to a range of experience including beginners and professional fighters. You can call the DKSR Muay Thai gym on 690107993 or you can visit for more information.

  • Korat Muay Thai Club

A member of the WPMF and providing a range of Muay Thai training regimes suitable for all ages and training levels, the Korat Muay Thai Club is based in Palma de Mallorca and can be found at for more information. Alternatively, you can call this gym on 971909091 or by emailing at

  • Templo Thai Muay Thai

Based in El Vendrell, this gym offers authentic Muay Thai training for both the newcomer and the experienced Muay Thai enthusiast. You can find out more information about this gym at or by calling 977910406. Alternatively, you can also email Templo Thai at

The establishment of these Muay Thai associations throughout Spain clearly identify how much Muay Thai means to its citizens and how much of the population is really engrossed in the Muay Thai hype. Whilst there is emphasis for ordinary people to transform themselves with a Spanish Muay Thai gym and become winning fighters throughout Spain, there is also a lot of positive regard to children learning Muay Thai and developing their Martial Art skills early on life, with many Muay Thai gyms in Spain offering classes directly suited towards children. Whilst new and upcoming Spanish fighters are making a name for themselves throughout the Muay Thai tournament circuit, there will always be a calling in Spain for enhanced Muay Thai gyms that can offer the training that is demand throughout the country.

Spain is one of the countries throughout the globe that has almost embraced Muay Thai to its full potential, offering a vast number of gyms and schools, each offering different variations of Muay Thai depending on confidence and experience levels, meaning Spain is an excellent place to train in Muay Thai. Whilst the techniques and methodology taught within the different Muay Thai gyms spread across Spain’s cities and counties, the main principle and values of Muay Thai stay the same, power and skill. It is essential that any newcomer to the world of Muay Thai finds a gym that is suited to their own personal confidence level, experience and goal for training in Muay Thai, in order to uphold these basic principles of Muay Thai and progress to the best of their natural ability.

Many people throughout Spain have caught the Muay Thai bug and want to begin training in the illustrious Martial Art by themselves, but each of those people could all be training for quite different reasons. The reasons in which you are training should also reflect the type of gym that you select to train in, simply because, different gyms are equipped for different styles of training. If you are training in Muay Thai in Spain in order to become the next Spanish Muay Thai fighting sensation then you would need to join a gym that can offer an intense training regime and training designed for professional fighters. If you are simply joining a Muay Thai training class at a local gym to get fitter and stay in shape, then you should find a gym that is designed for this sort of training, rather than progressive training that would lead you onto becoming a professional fighter.

The various styles of training available across Spain is vast, which is why some of the information at the two main Spanish Muay Thai associations can be invaluable to new and experienced fighters throughout their Muay Thai careers. As popularity of Muay Thai continues to grow and as Muay Thai becomes a larger part of everyday lives, it is certain that the Muay Thai fighting scene hasn’t seen the last of the sensational Spanish fighters, whilst the Spanish Muay Thai fighting circuit becomes larger and more vibrant than ever before.

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