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Muay Thai is incredibly popular throughout both the Western and the Eastern world but one of the most Western countries that has adopted Muay Thai as one of its favourite sports to learn and one that has a Muay Thai gym in nearly every city throughout its Isles is the United Kingdom. More than a twelve hour flight trip away, the United Kingdom is in love with Muay Thai and as such, Muay Thai has become a household name in many British households.


One of the reasons for popularity of Muay Thai throughout the United Kingdom is simply because of its ancient history, unique techniques and intrinsic appeal. British people love to learn about something that has a history or has a background story that has not only enhanced the training techniques but also evolved them, hence why Muay Thai is such a popular sport amongst the British Isles.

As many from the United Kingdom flock to Muay Thai gyms and some even taking their training to a professional fighting level and competing in live tournaments such as the renown UFC or the like, Muay Thai is becoming increasingly popular throughout the United Kingdom and as a consequent, is dominating the Martial Arts scene with nearly twice as many gyms as other Martial Art competitors such as Tae Kwon Do and Kung Fu. This interest against these other Martial Arts is due to the presence that Muay Thai currently holds in our modern media, being known as one of the few Martial Arts that is stronger against opponents that are trained in Muay Thais competitors.

As a result from this growing interest throughout the United Kingdom, there are now two main Muay Thai Associations available for newcomers and fighters to gain information on schools and classes in their local areas. The Muay Thai associations in the United Kingdom are, the UKMF and WBC Muay Thai UK. Each association offers both newcomers and professional fighters an enhanced experience throughout their Muay Thai training with experienced trainers, expert knowledge, details of local gyms that are suitable for you in your area and even public forums, where people who are training in Muay Thai or thinking of training, can get together to discuss any questions or potential issues they may be having throughout their Muay Thai training.

Throughout the United Kingdom there are a range of training gyms available for already experienced Muay Thai enthusiasts and newcomers to the intrinsic sport. Some of the top gyms throughout the United Kingdom today are:

  • KO Muay Thai

Home to hundreds of professional Muay Thai fighters and producing champions since 1976, this London based gym offers regimes that are suitable for all ages and all experience levels. You can find out more about KO Muay Thai at, calling 02072659693 or by emailing

  • Legions Gym

Based in York and offering authentic Muay Thai training, you can visit or call 07946477001 for more information regarding their vast and varying training regimes.

  • Sport Sheffield Muay Thai

Perfect for beginners and offering a range of Muay Thai training for whatever your training outcome may be, you can find out more about this gym, based in the heart of Sheffield, at, or by calling 01142226999. Alternatively, you can also email

  • Dragons Muay Thai Gym

Offering authentic training suitable for a range of experience levels and based in Bedfordshire, you can find out more about this gym at or by emailing You can also follow this gym on Facebook.

  • Hanuman Thai Boxing

Based in Edinburgh and one of the leading Muay Thai gyms in the UK, you can visit, call on either 07525262368, 07857547290 or, email for more information on the Muay Thai training available.

  • Sakprasert Gym

Offering traditional and authentic Muay Thai training, based in Boscombe, Bournemouth, this gym is perfect for both beginners and enthusiasts alike. Visit for more information or call 07438430792.

  • Master Muay Thai

Home to champions and established for over 25 years, you can find out more about the authentic Muay Thai training regimes available at Master Muay Thai by visiting or by calling 07791040637.

  • Eagles Thai Boxing

Based in the heart of Cardiff, Wales and offering genuine Muay Thai training, you can contact Eagles Thai Boxing by visiting or by calling 01446734051.

  • K-Star Muay Thai Training

The perfect gym for both beginners, experienced fighters and competitors, this gym is based in both Solihull and Birmingham. You can visit or call 01217223988 for the Solihull gym or 01216225078 for the Birmingham gym for more information on training regimes and availability.

  • GFC Muay Thai

Offering a range of Muay Thai training, suitable for a range of experience and personal ability levels is GFC Muay Thai, based in Bury, Lancashire. You can find out more about this gym at or by calling 01617231189. Alternatively you can email at

Living in a digital age such as the United Kingdom and now the practice of Muay Thai throughout the cities and counties of the Isles has somewhat evolved Muay Thai again from its original practice as a pure form of Martial Arts. This digitalization has given Muay Thai the element of community and discussion in the United Kingdom, with many now talking about Muay Thai online with someone on the other side of the world, in Thailand, or via telephones, rather than face to face, only with the people you are able to train with.

If you’re living in the United Kingdom and have decided that you would like to train in the unique techniques and methodology of Muay Thai, then the first thing to do is to ensure that you are training at the right gym for you. Many Western gyms that offer Muay Thai training will sometimes name their training gyms as Muay Boran and whilst Muay Thai is an aspect of Muay Boran training, the two are distinctly different, and so its important to remember that if you are training in a Western Muay Boran gym. Associations such as the UKMF And the WBC Muay Thai UK can help newcomers to Muay Thai find a training gym that is local to them, suited to their experience level and are an excellent place to start in any new Muay Thai journey. Gyms throughout the United Kingdom, whilst differ in environment and equipment available, also differ in training style as well depending on the skill level and personal experience of the particular master of that gym. This makes finding the right gym at the right level for you an important factor before training in Muay Thai, as some training styles from some particular masters may not be best suited to you and your own personal ability level.

Whilst finding a suitable gym for your experience and skill level is important, it is also important to consider why you would like to train in Muay Thai also to ensure you find a gym suited to your Muay Thai goals as well. If you are training with the intention of becoming a full blown Muay Thai fighter, then you may want to consider a more intense training regime and as such, find a Muay Thai gym in the United Kingdom that can equip you for those needs, however, if you are training to get fit, and a little healthier, then it is best suited to find a gym that is designed for that style of training. Training in Muay Thai can vary greatly due to the intense and intricate techniques and methodology used, making finding the right gym in the United Kingdom a critical choice for you.

As the United Kingdom remains in the clutches of a Muay Thai popularity boost, it is almost certain that as Muay Thai spreads, it will continue to increase in popularity thanks to its intrinsic appeal. Whilst many are looking for a way to get healthier and become fitter in this modern day and age, many are turning towards Muay Thai to help them achieve their fitness goals giving Muay Thai a new appeal to a whole new range of people, not only ensuring its survival in the United Kingdom as a popular, Mixed Martial Art sport, but guaranteeing it as the future of our sporting careers.

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