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During the origins of Muay Thai, it was developed and utilized as a way to turn the body into a weapon during times of close combat, minimising the need for heavy weapons such as daggers and swords. Throughout evolution of Thailand and with thanks to some of the later Kings and their own budding enthusiasm for Muay Thai and its practices, Muay Thai has become the national sport of Thailand and a piece of cultural heritage that is the favourite pastime of the people, the King and Thailand itself. As centennial years have passed and as the dawn of technology came upon us, Muay Thai has been thrusted into the limelight of Martial Arts and as such has become a global sensation that thousands want to be a part of. Spreading over both the Eastern and Western continents of the globe, Muay Thai is now a regulated, professional sport boasting fighters from nearly each corner of the earth. As the popularity for Muay Thai continued to grow and as more and more people became intrigued as to what Muay Thai was and then appealed when it was discovered to be a highly effective Martial Art form, Muay Thai has flooded into our cities and counties with local gyms, and schools in nearly every city.


One of the most illusive countries that like Thailand’s past has seen war, conflict and the training of arm’s in Martial Art forms, is Germany. Throughout the popularity spread of Muay Thai, Germany has become one of the renown Western countries for embracing and engaging with such a large part of Thai culture. Throughout Germany, there has been an ever increasing influx of Muay Thai gyms in the local cities and counties, offering the population a chance to learn and train in the illustrious Muay Thai. As the popularity for Muay Thai has gained speed in Germany and more and more people have been choosing Muay Thai as the Martial Art they want to learn, or subsequently make a career out of, there have been several official German Muay Thai associations become available throughout Germany for budding enthusiast fighters or professional fighters to make full use of.

The two main associations for official Muay Thai spread throughout Germany is the European Muay Thai League and The Champions Club. These associations have gyms spread across most of Germany offering Muay Thai lessons to the population, as well as invaluable information, fight detailing and simple advice for wannabe fighters of what to expect.

Germany over the years has offered some of the best fighters in the Muay Thai fighting circuit to date, with the German, Erik Massion being a well known name throughout professional competitions and tournaments. This level of interest from the German people goes to show how well they have embraced Thai traditions and cultures, with thousands indulging in Muay Thai training on a weekly basis.

Whilst in Thailand, Muay Thai is considered the national sport and as such fighters that take part are not only representatives of their Muay Thai Masters but also representatives of their country during professional and regulated matches, this tradition and cultural pride seems to have spread with the Muay Thai training popularity, giving other countries an ambassadorial sense when they send their best fighters to win Muay Thai tournaments. While the spreading of such an illustrious sport such as Muay Thai throughout the globe, is not as shocking as it could be in modern day life, the fact that the cultural sense of pride and historic honour has spread with the popularity of the sport and engrained itself into the cultures presented in these Western worlds is something quite remarkable indeed.

As popularity of Muay Thai spreads throughout Germany, there has been an increase in the rise of authentic Muay Thai gyms offering traditional Muay Thai training to budding enthusiasts. Some of the best Muay Thai gyms throughout Germany are:

  • Muay Thai Wassenberg

Based in Wassenberg are offering some of the most dynamic Muay Thai training in the area, you can find out more about this Muay Thai gym at or by emailing

  • Ringside Gym

Offering intense, genuine Muay Thai training for beginners that is suitable for professional level fighting, you can contact this gym on 030-29381933 or by emailing You can also visit for more information.

  • Kingz Gym

This gym offers a range of Muay Thai training suitable for beginners, enthusiasts, adults and children alike. Based in Bottrop, you can find more information about this gym at or by calling 01573-1888344.

  • Das Tiger Warriors

Based in Braunschweig and offering some of the most authentic Muay Thai training throughout Germany, this gym has been established since 1993 and can be found at You can also phone on 05307-9516591 or by emailing

  • Budokan Sport Center

Offering a range of Martial Art training but also specialising in Muay Thai training for both adults and children, this gym is based in Dortmund and can be visited at for more information. Alternatively, you can also call this gym on 231122200.

  • Masters Gym

Based in Duisberg and providing a range of Muay Thai training that is suitable for all ages and experience levels alike, this gym is perfect for anyone looking to step into the world of Muay Thai. You can find out more information about this gym at or by calling 02032-8097880. Alternatively, you can email at

  • Martial Arts Academy

Offering genuine Muay Thai training that is suited for a range of experience levels, including beginners, this Muay Thai gym is based in Dresden and can be visited at You can also give them a call 01766-1369216, or email them at

  • Kaiser Gym

The home to some of the most powerful, professional Muay Thai fighters, this gym., based in Tirol, offers intense Muay Thai training regimes, designed for the fighting ring. You can find more information about this gym at or by calling them directly on 0043-664-750-124-88. Alternatively you can email at e

  • Eragon Gym

Based in Hesse, this gym is perfect for any newcomer looking to find their feet in the world of Muay Thai. You can find out more about this dynamic gym at or by emailing them

  • Sok Chai Gym

This infamous Muay Thai gym is renowned as one of the most authentic, intense Muay Thai gyms throughout Germany. Based in Berlin, this gym is home to hundreds of professional Muay Thai fighters, offering genuine fighting ring Muay Thai. You can visit the Sok Chai Gym at or alternatively call on 1633349053, or email at, for more information about their Muay Thai training services.

Whilst there are a whole range of Muay Thai gyms to choose from throughout Germany for any budding enthusiast, choosing which gym is able to offer the best training suited to you is an important choice that has to be made at the start of any Muay Thai journey.  Things that should be taken into consideration when you begin to identify which style of gym in Germany would be best suited towards you and your needs would be to consider what your confidence level will be when you walk into the gym for the first time, how experienced you are in Muay Thai and what the outcome is going to be from training.

Since there is a such a large variety of gyms available in and throughout Germany, there is a great choice to choose from, however this can mean that finding the right gym that is suitable for you can be more complex as well. Different gyms whilst all teaching the basic principles of Muay Thai, each offer a different intensity level of training as well as variations on techniques and combinations depending on what the instructor of the gym feels as though are the best techniques to teach, making choosing the right gym for whatever outcome you decide to have from training in Muay Thai is a crucial element of any journey. For those that want to train in Muay Thai to become a professional grade fighter, then a gym offering an intense regime is best suited towards your needs, whereas those who would like to train to achieve better physical fitness and health would be better suited to a gym that is designed to cater for that style of training.

The offer of Muay Thai gyms that is currently presented throughout German cities and counties is one of variation, diversity and choice, finding a gym that is just about suitable for anybody throughout German is not a difficult task thanks to the widespread popularity spread of the Thai cultural Muay Thai.

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