Suitable Muay Thai Supplements

Suitable Muay Thai Supplements

Supplements are an easy way to provide your body with the enhanced nutrition it needs, wholesomely and efficiently throughout your Muay Thai fighting career. Whilst many Muay Thai fighters use a variety of vitamin supplements, some Muay Thai fighters may not use any at all.


Supplements are a choice that is made by the individual fighter, their individual circumstances and their current diet. Supplements can either add nutrition to a lacking diet, or they can add a little something extra nutritionally for an enhancement in your training or your fights. The range of supplements available to Muay Thai fighters on the market today is vast, making correct supplements choices somewhat of a difficult one.

The first question that any Muay Thai fighter might be asking themselves is, do I actually need to take supplements? The first few things to identify as to whether you may need to begin taking supplements to help enhance your Muay Thai performance is, what is your currently training level, what is your current diet like and will supplements give you any more nutrition than you are already getting. Other things to consider would be, whether your diet could be changed first before turning to supplements for basic nutrition.

Generally, because Muay Thai is such an intense sport that requires high dedication levels and a peak level of physical fitness, many Muay Thai fighters will choose to take supplements that can enhance their own physical fitness, fighting performance or training. Many supplements for Muay Thai fighters can range from pre-workout drinks to after workout meals that provide a lot of the electrolytes and nutrition lost throughout a Muay Thai fight or workout, but it is always the fighters own personal choice as to whether these nutritional supplements are in the form of man-made or holistic remedies and what the aim of taking these supplements is for the fighters own Muay Thai training.

Depending on your training and experience level, may depend on what sort of supplements you should be taking in order and how often in order to fully maximise your Muay Thai training. Your diet will also determine as to whether you should be taking supplements, a well balanced diet should be providing you with all you nutritionally need as a basic human being, but as a fighter, your well balanced and healthy diet may not be enough to sustain you for the endurance that comes with the Muay Thai training and fighting scene. If you don’t have a well balanced diet, you should consider whether supplements would be enough to help you nutritionally if your diet was to not change in the future, supplements can only aid a well balanced diet for them to be fully effective in your Muay Thai training. Effective supplement taking is not just about how many nutritional vitamins you can put it into your body, but how well you can eat as well to support those nutritional vitamins.

You should also make sure that you are not in fact receiving too much nutrition, as too many vitamins in one sitting or over a period of time can be detrimental to your health causing lactic acid build ups and cramp. Its important to make sure you know what your body is getting nutritionally as a successful or professional Muay Thai fighter in order to succeed in your Muay Thai training.

Muay Thai is a close contact, physically demanding Martial Art and as such, fighters must ensure they are at their peak level of physical fitness including nutritionally as well. As fighters, many people who train in Muay Thai will often find that nutritionally, they require extra carbohydrates, protein and calcium. These three elements are essential in any Muay Thai fighters diet providing enhanced energy, increased muscle strength and strong bones for shin conditioning and Muay Thai fighting techniques.

Whilst a nutritionally balanced diet may provide enough nutrition in order to sustain yourself healthily as an ordinary person, a nutritionally balanced diet for Muay Thai fighters may have to be supplemented with these three elements in order to maximise their performance in and outside of the ring.

Not only do these three elements play a role in any Muay Thai fighters supplementary diet, but there are also other supplements such as glucosamine for enhanced mobility and movement, electrolytes for complete hydration during and after training and fish oil for an omega-3 enhancement that can help with concentration, brain development and muscle enhancement. This range of supplements alongside a multivitamin that can ensure you are receiving everything you need nutritionally every single day, is an essential element in any balanced Muay Thai fighters diet for successful Muay Thai fighting and training.

The supplements laid out here are only a snapshot of the man-made supplements available to Muay Thai fighters in order to maximise their Muay Thai training and whilst some fighters may take these supplements, others may not depending on their own personal ability level, experience and requirement. It is your choice as a fighter to identify the nutrition that your body is calling for and the nutrition you require before a fight and fill it with either supplements or a well balanced meal.

Whilst supplements can help maintain a fighters endurance throughout the intense practice of Muay Thai training, a balanced diet plays an even more important role in maintaining fitness and good health, which is why it is important to ensure that as Muay Thai fighter, you know what food and nutrients you are putting into your body at all times, after all, throughout Muay Thai, your body is the main piece of kit you need in good shape in order to utilize it as a weapon in accordance with the Muay Thai history and origins.

Supplements, whether they be nutritional or performance related, are a main component of any serious or professional Muay Thai fighters lifestyle, and whilst some Muay Thai fighters will rely solely on the nutritional supplements available to them in tablet form, some Muay Thai fighters will strive to find a way to replace this nutrition with holistic remedies and alternatives.

Holistic alternatives to the everyday supplements that some Muay Thai fighters take can include a range of remedies including natural herbs and even meditation as a way of enhancing performance and strategy. For many Muay Thai fighters that are already using or looking for a range of holistic alternatives to their current nutritionally supplementary diet, many will turn to the natural properties found in traditional Chinese herbs and remedies. Some of these herbs include Siberian Ginseng, Fo-Ti Root and Mucuna Pruriens, each one boasts a different type of not only medicinal property, but also nutritional quality with several appealing features that many Muay Thai fighters choose over the more man-made nutritional supplements available in tablet form.

Siberian Ginseng is a favourite amongst Muay Thai fighters and their counterparts in other Mixed Martial Arts due to its wholesome and recovery orientated properties. Siberian Ginseng is different to traditional Ginseng and offers fast re-generation and oxygenation of cells and tissues for enhanced fighting performance alongside increased endurance, improvement in learning, anti-inflammatory properties and anti-depressant effects. This range of health benefiting properties offers a complete performance and training enhancement in an easy and holistic way. Another holistic nutritional supplement for Muay Thai fighters is the afore mentioned Fo-Ti Root, otherwise known as ‘He Shou Wo’, this holistic remedy is famed for its lower back and knee strengthening qualities, its ability to calm your nervous system, making it an essential before any official or unofficial fight, and its potent antioxidants with gentle motions in your eyes and your liver, this all round holistic supplement is an excellent choice in Muay Thai fighters, replenishing lost nutrition and enhancing performance in one easy ensemble. One of the final holistic supplements that has been shown to effect Muay Thai fighters in a positive, alternative way to man-made supplements is Mucuna Pruriens. This is a relatively new holistic supplement available to Muay Thai fighters but has been shown to enhance injury repair, muscle recovery and helps towards complete rejuvenation after an intense workout session or fight. Not only does Mucuna Pruriens help with complete recovery of the body in a holistic, natural way, it is also contains L-Dopa, a ‘happy hormone’ that can also elevate mood.

Whilst there are a range of man-made and holistic supplements available to Muay Thai fighters in order to maximise their performance during fights and during training, it is always up to the fighter as to which supplements they will take, and which they need to take. In general, many Muay Thai fighters opt for supplements that can enhance their performance and their energy, maximising training and fighting potential, but it is always a personal choice that is made by the individual fighter themselves. Paired with a nutritionally balanced diet, supplements whether they are holistic or not, can offer complete peace of mind that as a fighter you are getting everything you nutritionally need in order to stay at the top of your game.

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