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Muay Thai Combinations As Muay Thai has spread in popularity

As Muay Thai has spread in popularity throughout both the Eastern and Western world, it has become an excellent way of getting fit and staying fit for the everyday person, but as Muay Thai has become more

Training Muay Thai in Thailand

For those dedicated to their Muay Thai training, some may choose to travel to Thailand and train in an authentic Muay Thai environment. Thailand is the birth place of Muay Thai and there are several different Muay

Mind Training in Muay Thai

Whilst maintaining a peak level of physical fitness is one of the most important aspects of a Muay Thai fighters training, it is also important that Muay Thai fighters focus on the training aspect of their mind

Body Building Throughout Muay Thai Training

Muay Thai, like many other Mixed Martial Arts, is a physically demanding Martial Art that requires peak fitness, physical training and mental training in order to cope effectively with the mental and physical endurance presented during training,