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As Muay Thai has become a more popular Mixed Martial Art, it has spread across the globe with thousands of gyms now teaching Muay Thai in Western cities. As the world of social media has grown, it was only a matter of time before Muay Thai would become a clear presence in YouTube videos and social media platforms with its unique techniques, appealing methodology and likeness to kickboxing. With more than 500,000 videos on YouTube, all showing various professional fights, training techniques, methodology and more, YouTube has nearly every aspect of Muay Thai covered for any budding enthusiast.Here are a list of ten videos that have been selected from YouTube for their instructional quality and portrayal of Muay Thai and its intense training and fighting techniques.


  • Top 10 Muay Thai Knockouts –

Four minutes long and from EliteBoxingTV, this video shows some of the top ten knockouts from professional Muay Thai fights. Going back from number ten, all the way to top Muay Thai knockout, this video shows professional fights between Muay Thai fighters from Thailand and other countries such as Germany and Asia and a range of different knockout techniques used in Muay Thai.

  • Muay Thai Inspiration –

From the FightersClub123, this video is eight minutes long and details the training experience of Muay Thai fighters in Thailand. All clips are taken from the authentic Yakkao Thai Boxing gym and show a range of training techniques as well as the lifestyle that comes with authentic Muay Thai training.

  • Muay Thai Documentary 8 Limbs: Life of Nak Muay –

This video is available in four parts and shows a detailed documentary of the training regime and lifestyle, that many professional Muay Thai fighters will go through as part of their Muay Thai journey. Produced by the infamous Phuket Top Team gym, this video gives an insight into the in-depth training regime of many Muay Thai fighters in Phuket.

  • Muay Thai Sparring at Team Quest Thailand –

Almost three minutes long, this video shows two professional fighters in a sparring session. Filmed in Thailand and using authentic Muay Thai training techniques, this video is an excellent tool to utilize for any newcomer Muay Thai fighter.

  • Basic Muay Thai Technique – Hands Wrapping –

From the infamous Tiger Muay Thai training camp in Phuket, this video is almost five minutes long and is a detailed, instructional video on the correct way to wrap your hands before any professional Muay Thai fight or training session.

  • Muay Thai vs. Kickboxing Breakdown: “The Fight That Changed History” –

Nearly thirteen minutes long, this video is one of the most defining videos on Muay Thai and its effectiveness throughout YouTube. Undeniably, this video shows how powerful, brutal and destructive Muay Thai is and how strong and conditioned professional Muay Thai fighters are to withstand pain and trauma throughout Muay Thai tournaments.

  • 2014 Tiger Muay Thai Team Tryout Documentary –

Available in four parts and made by the infamous Tiger Muay Thai and MMA Team in Phuket, this video documents the difficult but rewarding, journey that Muay Thai professionals go through in Thailand, to become one of Phukets top fighters in the Tiger Muay Thai Team.

  • Born for Muay Thai – Short MuayThai Film 2014 –

Filmed by Max Green from Extreme Short Films and just over sixteen minutes long, this short film depicts the lifestyle of a poor, young person living in Thailand and their journey into Muay Thai training. A powerful and moving video, this short film is a must-see for any Muay Thai enthusiast.

  • Fighting Techniques for Muay Thai –

Almost an hour long, this video is translated into English, and shows a varied range of Muay Thai fighting techniques by professional Muay Thai fighters. A useful and interesting video to watch for any Muay Thai enthusiast, this video offers an in-depth analysis of Muay Thai and its vast techniques.

  • The Right Way to Condition Shins for Muay Thai –

This video is produced by FightTIPS and is just over six minutes long, portraying simple but efficient ways to condition your shins effectively for Muay Thai fighting. Whilst shin conditioning is a lengthy and somewhat painful process, known as Cortical Remodelling, it is an essential part of Muay Thai training.

A full contact sport with an akin likeness to kickboxing, Muay Thai has become a YouTube sensation with over 500,000 videos available in nearly every aspect of the Muay Thai history, training and methodology. Videos about Muay Thai are available from nearly every country across the globe, giving you an enhanced view of Muay Thai and its practices around the world, all in one easy place, making it a popular choice for anyone wishing to learn a Mixed Martial Art.

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