Basic Beginners

Everyday / Any Hour 900 $

We can help you no matter if you are interested in Muay Thai training or you are just looking for weight reducing and get fit in the same time. Our professional instructors will come to your place and make sure you reach your goals and set new ones.

All Students in Muay Thai training program for beginners will learn:

  • How to properly wrap their hands
  • Stance / Footwork
  • Defensive Maneuvers
  • Rhythm / coordination
  • Punch Combinations
  • How to jump rope
  • How to hit Focus Mitts
  • Reaction & counter punching
  • Self-defense Techniques
  • Increased Speed
  • Increase upper & lower body strength
  • Better balance
  • footwork & coordination
  • Substantial increase in cardiovascular endurance & stamina
  • Relief from stress
  • Increase confidence & self-esteem
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